A Caribbean Getaway Inside the Tropical Islands Dome

Tropical Islands Resort, Germany

Tropical Islands Lodge. Photo by Tropical Islands Resort

Want to enjoy both winter and summer at the same time? You can have this dream fulfilled if you are in Germany.

Just 60 km south of Berlin, in Krausnick you’ll find the largest indoor water park in the world. Built inside a gigantic airship hangar, Tropical Islands Resort is an artificial exotic island environment which includes a rain forest, beaches, artificial sunlight, palm trees, orchids, and ambient birdsong. The exotic feeling creates a rainforest-like tropical climate with the humidity hovering around 64% and air temperature about 25°C (78°F).

Tropical Islands Resort

Tropical Islands Resort – General view & Waterslide. Photo by Tropical Islands Resort

Inside the building is the largest tropical forest – 50,000 trees and shrubs, including some rare plants. Here are carnivorous plants, banana trees, coffee trees and many other exotic plants. A kilometre-long path winds through the forest and a bridge over the mangrove swamp gives great views.

Tropical Islands Resort - Mangrove swamp

Tropical Islands Resort – Mangrove swamp. Photo by Tropical Islands Resort

Surrounding the pools are re-creations of famous architectural wonders from Asia like the cave temple on Elephanta Island, Angkor Wat, the Balinese Temple Gate, a longhouse from Borneo, and a traditional Thai house. Ponds and canals wind their way around various activity sites, and large Buddha statues are everywhere.

Tropical Islands Resort - Angkor Wat

Tropical Islands Resort – Angkor Wat replica. Photo by Tropical Islands Resort

The tropical sea is lined with sandy beaches and dotted with small tropical islands decorated with grass huts. Guests can lie on the 200 meter-long man-made beach, swim in the an artificial sea and enjoy warm weather all year round. It is even possible to get a glowing tan inside this magnificent dome as transparent foils let UV rays penetrate the lower part of the roof.

Tropical Islands pool

Lagoon style pool. Photo by Tropical Islands Resort

Finally, there’s the Bali Lagoon park for whirlpools, water slides and other water structures. Swimmers can enjoy water temperatures of 32°C (90°F) while they are surrounded by palm trees.

Besides all these, here you will find a mini-golf course and a shopping area or if you want you can sleep on the beach in the

Paradise campsite. If you get hungry there are 13 different bars and restaurants to choose from.

Tropical Islands Bali Pavilion

Tropical Islands Bali Pavilion in the Tropical Village. Photo by Tropical Islands Resort

Overnight accommodations can be arranged for different tastes: there’s camping on the beach in a tent, staying in a themed lodge (Africa, Safari or Asia) or the excellent suites, complete with sleek design and a rainfall shower.

Tropical Islands has a maximum capacity of 7,000 visitors a day and is open around the clock, every day of the year.

Admission is 42 Euro (about $47) for adults and 28.50 Euro (about $32) for children (age 6-14) which includes an unlimited stay including all shows. You can also stay overnight, but you must pay another fee.

Tropical Islands can be reached by taking the A13 motorway, leaving at the Staakow exit and following the L711 past Brand and in a north-easterly direction towards Krausnick. Or, it can also be reached by train. The closest railway station is Brand, which is on the Berlin-Görlitz line.

Tropical Islands Resort offers all of the benefits of a Caribbean cruise without ever leaving port, including the tourist-tailored, stereotyped culture. It’s a truly unique experience that may be worth exploring if you’re looking to try something different this holiday season.

Tropical Islands - Borneo Longhouse

Borneo Longhouse in the Tropical Village. Photo by Tropical Islands Resort

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