Top 5 Resorts in & Around Mumbai

If there is one city in India that never sleeps or never rests, it is none other than Mumbai. Often regarded as the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai is one of the most crowded and busiest cities of the country. This city boasts of an unending lifestyle in which busyness has become a style statement. But no matter how busy or successful your life is, who doesn’t require a sneak out from the hectic lifestyle in order to rejuvenate their senses?

When it comes to rejuvenation, the Mumbai buds can avail no better option than staying in a top resort around the city. To help you out with this, here is a list of the top 5 resorts situated in & around the city of Mumbai that you cannot afford to miss.

1. Della Resort & Villa, Lonavala

Della Resort & Villa, Lonavala

Della Resort & Villa, Lonavala. Source

Della Resorts are located in the outskirts of Mumbai and are spread across a vast space of 44 acres. This resort houses 3 distinct categories of 5 star resorts under the same roof that are suitable for visitors of different budget plans. This resort is specifically visited by a large number of adventure lovers as it offers some of the best adventure activities of the country.

Apart from the beauty that it reflects, Della Resort is also cherished for its mouth-watering cuisine ranging from all sorts of smoky to delicate food options. It also boasts of all the modern amenities including massage, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and spa.

2. Lagoona Resort

Lagoona Resort

Lagoona Resort. Source

Situated at a distance of 90 km from the city of Mumbai, this resort is regarded as the most nature-friendly resort around the city. It is beautifully placed in the lap of nature and is known for its soothing atmosphere that takes you away from the hectic and pompous lifestyle of Mumbai.

This resort offers all sorts of accommodations ranging from standard rooms to deluxe rooms and from executive villas to lagoona suites. Lagoona resort attracts visitors from all the walks of life as it offers customized accommodation to suit your requirements and your pocket. This resort boasts of a breath taking scenic beauty of the surroundings and is the most preferred destination for the nature lovers.

3. U Tropicana Beach Resort

U Tropicana Beach Resort

U Tropicana Beach Resort. Source

Tropicana beach resort is situated in ‘Alibaugh’, the most happening beach destination of Mumbai, at a distance of 94 km from the main city. The resort is beautifully surrounded by a vast lush green landscape and is often regarded for its scenic beauty.

From pool side bars to musical concerts and from gaming options for the children to mild adventure sports, Tropicana beach resort takes care of all your needs in the most perfect way. If you are one of those reading buffs who never forget to take along some books on a trip, this resort will not disappoint you as it houses a beautiful library inside the main compound.

4. Prakruti Resort

Prakruti Resort

Prakruti Resort. Source

This resort is situated in a small village named Kashid, which is situated at a distance of around 130 km from Mumbai. This resort is placed in close proximity to the sea and provides you with a ‘one in all’ package of mountains, sea and beach at the same time.

Prakruti Resort boasts of a unique feature of having its own beach which is accessible at all the times for the visitors. Activities such as mini golf, water sports, pool side parties and lawn tennis make it a perfect resort for picnic purposes. If you are one of those who love to explore, this resort is perfect for you as it spreads across an area of 100 acres, all for you to explore and have fun.

5. The Machhan Resort

The Machhan Resort

The Machhan Resort. Source

This resort is tailor made for those who love being in verdant and raw surroundings. It is located in a small village called ‘Jambulne’ at a distance of around 129 km from the city of Mumbai. Jambulne is among the top 25 biological hot spots of the world and is rich in flora and fauna. This resort houses a large number of tree houses situated at an average height of 30 to 40 ft. built exclusively for the visitors.

The tree houses are customized as per your requirements and offer you a whole new experience in the lap of raw nature. Apart from the above-mentioned features, this resort also offers a wide range of outdoor activities including trekking, cycling, stargazing and bird watching. In order to rejuvenate your senses, it also offers a variety of spa options to choose from.

Mumbai is indeed the symbol of cosmopolitanism and boasts of a lifestyle which is not only hectic but is of such a nature that dries up your senses. Such lifestyle makes rejuvenation extremely important for keeping up with the pace of life. The above-mentioned resorts have been carefully chosen and will fill you with a renewed energy for work. If you are looking for a perfect sneak out from the busy schedule, pack your bags and head for one of the resorts mentioned above for perfect bliss.

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